Hey everyone!

To get things straight: My actual name is Stephanie. I was given the name „Abby“ by my younger brother when he was little. As he learned to talk he couldn’t pronounce Stephie (which is the german short form for Stephanie) and said „Abby“ instead. Until today my family calls me Abby from time to time and that’s how I got this name.

 I’m a 21 years young student from Germany. Over this blog you can get to know me a bit more, it’s all about my interests which include things such as  writing, cooking, baking, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, fandoms, music and many more! I’ve made this blog, because I absolutely love to write and share my life with people, put thoughts out there, interact with you guys and because I want to know where it’s going to take me. 

Especially under the category Diary I’m writing down many of my experiences, thoughts and basically share bits and pieces of my life with you. 

You’re very welcome to check things out, leave comments, inspirations, thoughts, or whatever comes to your mind. 

Much Love! x


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